Frequently Asked Questions

I noticed how great the pricing is on the SGD USA and Zola Distributing website. Are these items the genuine brand name or a less expensive knock-off?

All of the items that SGD USA and Zola Distributing sells are the genuine article. If we ever offer a similar item to the original at a reduced price, it will be described as such. The great pricing is the result of SGD USA and Zola Distributing keeping overhead in check thus allowing us to pass the savings on to you.

Is there a minimum that I must order to qualify for these low prices?

Absolutely not. Feel free to order in any quantity you desire.

Does SGD USA and Zola Distributing offer a wholesale distributor or quantity discount program?

No. SGD USA and Zola Distributing is exclusively focused on bringing the best possible pricing directly to the end user. However, we plan to have a variety of weekly special and unique buying opportunities that enable our customers to get terrific deals on the items they use most.

Will you keep me informed of any specials or sales at SGD USA and Zola Distributing?

Definitely. All you need to do is register as a member under the “Your Account” tab located at the top of the page. By becoming a member, you will be entitled to special, member only deals and you’ll be kept informed of any new items or specials at SGD USA and Zola Distributing.  You can also like our page on Facebook at and follow us on instagram under username @servicegroupdistribution. 

Can I call in to place an order, or can I only order online?

We do offer a toll free number (866-994-7060) for our customers to call in orders, but we have tried to provide a user friendly, online shopping experience so that you can enjoy 24/7 service. Also, customers ordering online help SGD USA and Zola Distributing keep their overhead costs low so that we can keep our prices low. However, please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or complaints. We will be glad to assist you.

Does SGD USA and Zola Distributing ship to international customers?

At the present time, SGD USA and Zola Distributing is focusing on sales within the United States.

I am a business owner. Will there be tax added to my order?

While tax laws are subject to change at any time, the only states that we must charge sales tax in are Ohio, California and Georgia as SGDUSA and  Zola have a physical presence in these states. In most cases, the purchase of tools for installation are subject to tax on those items even if the purchaser is a business that is tax exempt.

However, items being purchased for resale would not be subject to tax if the purchaser had a valid tax exemption from the state. The website will automatically charge taxes in the states listed above, so if there are items being purchased for resale, please call us to arrange a tax free purchase on those items. In this situation, the purchaser would need to provide a qualifying tax exempt certificate in order to avoid paying the tax.