Liquisol Skylight Paint

Liquisol is a line of solar-reflective paint specially designed for acrylic, plastic and glass skylights. Typical skylight heat solutions like blinds, shades and covers can cost a lot of money, are hard to install and might need regular maintenance and cleaning. Liquisol is simple and easy…after all it’s a paint, and Liquisol still lets in the light you want from your skylight. Most of other solutions are simply too dark. Liquisol is formulated to reflect the Infrared light, where the heat is concentrated, while letting in a measured amount of visible light.

The result – Liquisol eliminates the excess heat while letting in the light leaving you more comfortable and saving on energy costs.

Less expensive, easier to maintain and better looking than skylight shades, skylight blinds and skylight covers, Liquisol solar reflective paint is the cost effective option for reducing solar heat gain through your skylight.

4Ever Green 5 Liter
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sOOp Surface Preparation Fluid - 8 oz
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